Robert Male Covering Green Meadows Festival 2018

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About Me

Robert Male is a dedicated freelance photographer and videographer based in the West Midlands and Leicestershire. He focuses on a variety of work from concerts, landscapes and portraiture to unusual abstract images and videos which see the world in a different way, often using a frame within a frame in his images as demonstrated in this mesmerising piece Leicester A City of Modern Times.

Photography and film techniques are used in parts of his artwork. These include Dutch Angles invented by Robert Wiese, in his 1920’s horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Illusions are also an influence for Robert, such as those in Escher's Relativity. Robert’s photography-oriented mind sees creativity in perspective and angles and applies that in order to take shots in a unique way. Paintings such as A Footbridge, 1938 by J S Lowry include a depth layering approach and many of Robert’s images are designed in this way too.